Why I decided to start blogging again

I guess there’s a number of reasons. I’m not sure what that number is yet so I’ll start writing and see where I end up;

1. When the Dale Farm travellers where evicted I got so wound up with the nonsense being put on Facebook and twitter that I ended up typing all my thoughts into my iPhone.

2. I was thinking a lot about remembrance this week. Reading articles, watching people debate on TV and again I had of stuff that I ended up typing onto my laptop.

3. I have a lot of thoughts and my head gets full.

4. I can be quite forgetful so this will help me find stuff I’ve read or thought about.

5. Thursday on the tube.

So there we are – 5 reasons why I’ve got back into blogging.

I appreciate number 5 may need some more explanation. That comes next.


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