**This was written at 10pm on Wednesday 27 February 2013**

This last few weeks have been full of contracts, dates, exchanges and colour charts as Christina and I prepare to move house. Our place was sold in early September and shortly afterwards we found somewhere to buy. Since then we’ve hit almost every possible wall we could have in our path but as I write this I’m on a train heading home from London for my last night in our lovely house.

Moving isn’t something Christina and I dread or fear. We both had upbringings that featured a lot of it and even since we’ve known each other have occupied a number of places both individually and as a couple. Neither of us form particularly strong bonds with property or have any sort of deep, sentimental attachment to the physical buildings in which we’ve lived in recent years. And yet, with this house, something is different.

Perhaps it’s because we’ve tried to share it with people. Friends and loved ones who’ve needed somewhere have stayed with us for periods of time ranging from a couple of nights to over a year at a time.

Perhaps it’s because we’ve enjoyed many meals in it with different people. Loads we love, some we have just been getting to know and even one who very honestly shared that it was unlikely they’d ever really think much of me. Each of these experiences has shaped us and brought us somewhere new.

Perhaps it’s because we’ve dreamed big dreams in that house. Many of the founding conversations of our little house church CARUS happened in our living room. We’ve held innumerable moments with our beautiful church family under that roof and spent hours getting into the real stuff of life and faith.

Perhaps it’s because we’ve cried in grief, laughed in joy and wondered in awe so many times in that house. It’s welcomed announcements of the good news, taken phone calls of the bad and had its fair share of the ugly too.

Perhaps it’s because this house has been a refuge when work has felt too tough, decision-making seemed too big, friendships became too messy and it was all just too much.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…

All I know is that come tomorrow, we say goodbye to a house that has been all those things and countless more for us as a couple, and those we share life with.

And with tomorrow, comes a new house. A place we’re excited about, a space we can’t wait to share and a new adventure for us, our family and family of friends who will help us make it a home.


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