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My expertise never ceases to astound me!

Last week, on the news that Declan Kidney would no longer be the Ireland rugby coach I launched into my manifesto on Irish rugby. What I’d do differently, what he did right, what he got wrong and how, if given the chance, I would steer this generation of players to Six Nations and World Cup glory…

As the new series of The Voice has kicked off I’ve returned to my mantra of “if Will turns round – always pick Will”. “It’s a no-brainier” I shout at the screen as contestants weigh up their options or, to my mind, inexplicably choose Jessie J…

I’m currently on a ban from Sunday morning TV and in-particular “The Big Questions” with Nicky Campbell. It seems my incessant talking back to a TV audience in Hull or Halifax or other ‘H’ capitalised locations has gone too far. “You couldn’t be more wrong” or “take the microphone away from them Nicky” have earned me a much needed time-out, enforced by Mrs White…

And yet behind all of these firmly held, expert options lies a staggering lack of experience.

I’ve not only never coached an international rugby team to glory – I’ve never played a competitive game of rugby!

I’ve not only never been faced with four music industry icons (I’m being generous Danny) all offering me a chance to make my dream of becoming a global recording artist come true – I’ve never wanted to be a global recording artist or even been much of a singer.

And not only have I never been on a weekly, topical discussion show (partly because I’m waiting for them to come to Harlow) often the people I’m shouting at have far more knowledge, wisdom or experience than I in the field they’re discussing.

Don’t misread me – opinions are brilliant! And sharing them is brilliant too! I love hearing, reading and debating other people’s…sometimes almost as much as I love expressing my own.

One of the greatest joys of freedom is the freedom to express and share opinions. To think and reflect on things and to disagree and counter other points of view.

But let’s never forget that for every pub pundit, armchair fan, and digital guru there are people who get up everyday, actually make those decisions and live with the consequences. Whether that’s picking the team, picking the celeb or picking their battles.

This week, as we mark the passing of Baroness Thatcher, lets never forget, whatever your thoughts or opinions of her policies, legacy or ideology, this was a lady who got up, actually made those decisions and, along with the rest of the world, had to live with the consequences.

As we continue to face difficult times politically, economically and socially – I find myself increasingly challenged about my response.

I can, of course, keep shouting at the TV, tweet semi-humorous observations and attempt to blog in a balanced way…I can join a protest, sign a petition, carry a banner or stage a sit-in…but what then?

It seems to me that when I’ve said my peace, got it off my chest and waxed lyrical until my heart is content – there will be still be those who get up, make those decisions and have to live with the consequences.

I’m wondering if I need to change my point of view.


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