Back in June Christina and I discovered we were expecting our first child.

At that moment I started writing down all the thoughts, feelings, excitement and worries I encountered.

Like most things I take on, sometimes I’ve been very committed to it, at other times not so much (in itself quite a worry as a prospective parent).

Anyway, it’s almost baby time and in deciding to share these and figuring out how to distinguish them from my normal blog ramblings I figured I should give it a strand name.

The inspiration for this one came from my very good friend (and someone whose parenting skills have been a constant inspiration in recent years) Lloyd.

Shortly after we shared the news, Lloyd and I were texting and I told him I’d be no doubt hounding him for any advice or words of wisdom both now and in the future. He replied this;

“The main thing I’ve learned is don’t try and raise children, raise yourself and hope that they are watching”.

And so, these posts are not about raising a baby (which people have been doing for centuries without needing my thoughts…)

They’re about raising a dad.

They’re about a helpless, needy, and altogether infantile human being, who suddenly has to look after a baby.

They’re about me trying to work out what this next bit of my life looks like…because right now, I have no idea.


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