RAISING A DAD – 1 July 2013

Day 1 or is it 28…or 14?

8.02pm – My beautiful wife has just told me she thinks she might be pregnant. I knew something was up, I got shouted at for suggesting the wrong lane was being used at a roundabout…I can be an annoying passenger but this was pretty full on.

9.02pm – Suggested taking a test…still not forgiven for the roundabout

9.12pm – Still no test

9.15pm – Apparently my incessant nagging is worse than the roundabout…I think this is progress…still no test

10.04pm – Test taken. There’s 2 lines, I read the key and take this as not pregnant. When asked how I feel I say “well we’ll keep trying”…turns out I can’t read – we’re having a baby

01.02am – Still awake..we’re having a baby


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