RAISING A DAD – 23 July 2013


Two of our closest friends have just had a baby.

She’s amazing.

We had the privilege of spending the evening with them yesterday and to meet her for the first time.

We’ve seen quite a few of our friends and family start families recently. Each new life being incredibly precious…but if I’m honest a bit dull for the first few days…weeks…months.

I’m not really that fussed by babies. I think kids are great, but until they can play a bit, chat a bit, or at least support their own neck – I’m kind of nodding along mostly.

“Aren’t they adorable?”

*nod nod nod*

“They look just like…”

*nod nod nod*

“What weight where they again?”

*nod nod nod*

But something was different this time.

I wonder if all dads to be suddenly find themselves far more interested in babies when they know theirs is coming?


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