RAISING A DAD – 24 July 2013

They’re everywhere!

William and Kate have introduced their new baby to the world.

He looks adorable.

William looks as proud as can be.

Kate looks full of love and joy as she looks at her husband and son.

I’m fairly sure when our little one is born the world’s press won’t be camped outside the hospital (although never say never). And yet as William got that car seat into the backseat (bravo for a speedy first time effort under pressure), climbed into their Land Rover and drove home for the first time, I imagine his thoughts were similar to everyone else’s in that situation and what I imagine mine will be;

Is everything okay?

Did the car seat definitely click?

Am I going to be any good at this?

Is everything still okay?

I’ll have to wait and see but surely no drive home is ever as wonderful and scary as that one?


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