RAISING A DAD – 25 July 2013

What’s in one?

George Alexander Louis

Those are the three words the world has held it’s breath for in recent days.

Our new prince now has a name…well three names to be precise.

As part of my work life I’m often asked to help name things;

New projects
New resources
New TV programmes

It’s something I’ve always loved doing. I really enjoy the process of trying out words, then different words, then different combinations of words, before finally finding that thing that clicks like nothing else.

And yet, if all goes to plan, in 7 months time I’ll be asked to pick the most important name yet, and it will literally last a lifetime.

We’ve had some thoughts, and we’ve had some input.

My mum is obsessed with having a granddaughter called Deborah.

Both our dads are called Graham.

And my accent means ‘T’ sounds can get lost. So Hettie, Katie, Lottie or the like are all a no for me.

The meaning will matter, some significance will be sought and, I hope, the choice will be a good one.

Until then, it’s ethereal. So I’m making up words, mashing names together and scaring my Deborah-wanting mum with some brilliant suggestions.


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