RAISING A DAD – 20 August 2013

Say ‘cheese’

We’ve decided to have a private scan this evening. Our NHS service is currently backed up and the first available appointment they have for us is in two weeks. We’re keen to get a sense that things are “okay” and to begin preparing ourselves properly for what’s ahead.

I recognise not everyone on this planet has the luxury of a scan.

I recognise that not everyone in the UK has the option to be able to pay for this privately.

I recognise the privilege of the NHS and don’t take for granted the world class medical care we receive, here in the UK, for free.

Tonight is about peace of mind. I guess primarily for my lovely wife, but also for me.

I want to know that everything is…good/safe/healthy/normal/progressing…I don’t know what the right word is.

I’m scared that it’s not whichever one of those words is right.

I’m worried that if I don’t even know which word is right, how on earth can I be ready to be a dad?

The scan helps, right?


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