RAISING A DAD – 17 February 2014


On Sunday, our little church family held a baby shower type thing for us. We’ve been doing these for five years and they’re always a lovely time.

They split the afternoon into four sections;

1. Our marriage
2. The mum
3. The dad
4. The dude (although it appears “Barry” is the nickname that’s now sticking…)

When we got to the bit about me, my good friend Pete had prepared a presentation of dads on screen, Phil Dunphy, Cliff Huxtable, uncle Phil, and others.

He, of course, included the greatest TV dad ever…Homer Simpson.

He showed a clip I’d long forgotten but it’s a classic!

Homer has lost his daughter Lisa and in an attempt to find her bribes a cherry-picker operator to use his machinery.

As he raises the platform he sees Lisa below and shouts “I’ll save you Lisa”.

A mix of confusing controls and general idiocy mean it’s not long before Homer, rather than lowering the cherry picker has destabilised it and it begins to roll.

As we lose sight of him descending downhill he shouts “Lisa, save me”.

I love this clip, not only is it brilliantly written and perfectly timed, the message is beautiful.

A dad searches high and low for his child, stopping a nothing to find her. As he catches sight of her, he wants nothing more than to save her and for her to know he won’t stop until he has…

But when it all goes wrong and he finds himself in trouble he looks again for his daughter, and asks instead that she would save him.

I hope I’m a dad like that…without the losing my kid bit obviously…but I hope I’m a dad who’ll stop at nothing to protect my son. To keep him safe, guide him through life and try to help him make good choices.

But I hope, when the time comes, and I’m losing sight of what matters or rolling off course, I won’t be afraid to let him do the same for me too.


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