RAISING A DAD – 21 February 2014 (part one)

Special K

We’ve gone backwards and forwards on a name.

For a long time The Dude was going to be called Barnabus or Barney.

That was it.

End of shortlist.

Maybe we lived with it for too long, a couple of weeks ago we decided to think again and make a list.

We added Oscar.

I vetoed Bo (I love the name and why it was suggested but Bo White is too close to Snow White)

My wife vetoed Scooter (apparently he’d have felt pressure to become a pro snowboarder).

He became known as Barry by friends and family.

And all the while another name sat quietly on the list not making a fuss or shouting it’s case.

Patiently sat there, just in case.

Today we named our son.


I’ll work backwards;

WHITE is our surname so he’s stuck with that one until he’s old enough to change it to Scooter.

GRAHAM is the name of both our dads and is my middle name…remind me to tell you the story of the time Christina ended up having to convince someone my middle name was Gary.

KASPER is the Danish iteration of the name Casper which comes from Gaspar who is believed to have been one of the wise men in the Nativity story. I love that story, every time I read it or think about it I learn something new about me, the world and what life is all about…the name means keeper of the treasure. So he’s our little Danish wise man.

We loved the name, and having met him and slept on it we knew he was our little Kasper with a K.


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