RAISING A DAD – 22 February 2014

The right result

I’m a huge Ireland rugby fan.

It’s a fairly recent obsession but I love it!

Their fixtures go into my diary, plans are made or altered accordingly.

Watching Ireland is a big deal.

And, one day, I hope Kasper will join me in supporting them…that’s half true…one day I hope he’ll play full-back for them but my genetics aren’t going to help him there (I’m more of an indoor boy).

Today was a six nations game and we’re playing England.

Win this and we’re one step closer to winning the whole championship.

As the second half starts we’re told Kasper needs a lumber puncture. A horrible experience for any adult, let alone a two day old.

I take him round to have it done.

The game is tight – everyone giving their all for what could be a championship deciding game for either team…

I meet the doctor who tells me what they’re going to do and explains I need to stay outside because it’s not pleasant to watch. There’s also a worry that it might not work or need to be done more than once…

I distract myself with BBC sport updates – the game is still winnable for either team…

I hear him scream, nothing can distract me from that. I just want him home. The next time Ireland play we’ll watch it together on the sofa…

Doors open and a nurse emerges smiling – “it worked first time”. A doctor follows, he’s fine, the fluid looks clear and good. They’re happy, I’m happy and as I go into see Kasper, he’s happy. The doctors, nurses and I chat and they all love him. I wheel him back to mummy…

We arrive in the room and debrief, we’re both thrilled. After a few moments my wife says “sorry about the rugby” and a quick glance at the TV shows me that Ireland lost.

But as I look at my boy and breathe a sigh of relief…I’m happy with the result.