RAISING A DAD – 28 February 2014

Upside Down

On the night that my wife’s waters broke I was having a catch up with a good friend of mine in London.

We discussed work, life, marriage and impending fatherhood.

As we walked back to the station he told me a story about a mutual friend who’s just had a baby. It’s an amazing story of a father literally saving his newborn son’s life and a whole lifetime of preparing for that moment…it’s not my story to share but it’s incredible!!

Anyway, as we went to say goodbye, he said that this father had been given some advice that really stuck with him – so from that guys friend, to that guy, to my friend, to me, to you…here it is:

People often say that when you have a child your world gets turned upside down…that’s not quite true. It actually gets turned the right way up.

I’ve used this explanation anytime anyone has asked me how fatherhood is going. It absolutely sums up my feelings towards this new experience and makes me wonder what life is going to look like moving forward…


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