RAISING A DAD – 10 March 2014

With a bump

I went back to work today.

Two and a half weeks has gone too quickly and it’s time to get back to whatever normal is now.

I was straight back into a studio day, recording comedy inserts for a new documentary series. Everyone was lovely and keen to see pics of K…I’ve got thousands so it’s never a chore.

I’ve always loved work. I’m not someone who counts down the days to the next holiday or is figuring out how early I can retire. I don’t mind checking emails when I’m on holiday or taking the odd important call, not because I’m an addict or can’t switch off, but because I don’t ever want to spend 47weeks of my year enduring the days so I can enjoy 5 weeks off…I recognise that last sentence might have annoyed some of you…there’ll be another post on this.

And so today, it would have been fair to assume that I’d have found going back not too much of a problem. I’ve got a job I really love right now, with a team of people who are all brilliant at what they do and a potentially very exciting year ahead…

That wasn’t the case.

I found leaving the house, horrendous.

The drive into London, painful.

And the day itself…well, pretty awful.

I’m being overly dramatic, once we got going, the day went quickly, and it’s hardly coal mining or running the country…but still, I just wanted to be at home, lock the doors and spend the day with my little family.

It gets easier…right?


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