RAISING A DAD – 2 March 2014

Everyone’s a critic

One of the things we’ve always known is that we were, theoretically, brilliant parents.

We knew exactly what parenting traits and skills we loved to see our friends and family display and what pitfalls and errors we would definitely never fall into or make.

What we’ve also always known is that theory is not worth much when it comes to parenting…and so we’ve never shared our “wisdom” with anyone, never intervened with our “expertise” and done all we could to keep our opinions to ourselves (unless we’re asked, if asked, we’ve always been honest with people no matter how tricky).

Having been a dad for all of five minutes now I can tell you that I’m very glad we’ve shut up all this time.

Someone has just, unwittingly, made my brilliant wife feel bad for a parenting choice, and whilst she maintained her ever-present calm and patience…I almost lost it…


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