RAISING A DAD – 18 March 2014

Saying goodbye (pt1)

We’ve flown to Ireland for my granda’s funeral today.

My parents have opened their doors since Friday to allow people to come and join the family.

It’s a peculiar thing about back home but the house becomes a sort of makeshift bakery as people arrive with solemn faces, cards of condolence and 14 cakes all somehow transported in their handbag or coat pockets.

I’ve left my little family at home – with K still at high risk of infection we took the decision to play it safe.

This afternoon, my youngest brother wanted to go to the funeral home to see Granda. And so my other brother and I said we’d all go together. We quietly filed into the room, and stood in silence for a few minutes. Then we prayed together, we thanked God for our granda, for the life he lived and the family he’s left behind.

I love being a big brother – it’s one of the best things in my life without doubt and I’m incredibly proud of both of my brothers and the men they’ve become. I don’t know what the rest of my little family will look like in the future but I hope K gets to experience being a big brother in some way in his life.

Back at the cake shop, it’s not long before we’re sharing memories, smiling, passing around photos of K and remembering granda and the life he lived.

Tomorrow is the funeral…I’ve been asked to give a tribute…hoping I can hold it together.


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